The Uncertain — Specialized Content for Reddit
«Reddit should not be seen as a single community, but instead as a collection of an (almost) infinite number of sub-communities known as subreddits».

Tenzin Chiodak
Lead Community Manager
This fact means that there will always be specific subreddits that cater to specialized niches, for example you can find subreddits dedicated to Art, SolarEnergy, Animation, and so on.

It is with the animation subreddit (r/animation) that we ran a special and successful experiment for The Uncertain: Light at the End.

The post that we are looking at is:
This was a specially requested video as the developers had previously informed us that they had been using motion-capture to help them with their animation.

With this knowledge we first requested access to their collection of videos/recordings taken from their sessions, with a special emphasis on any fun/light hearted videos. This was happily provided and a collection of time-lapse videos, rough (phone recorded) videos, and more serious recordings were made available.

With the knowledge that the assets/videos existed (and were of a good quality) we then began looking for specific subreddits that could be interested in these.

Our process was:
  • What is the theme/genre of the videos?
    A: Motion Capture/Animation
  • Are these videos extremely serious or light hearted?
    A: Light hearted and fun

These two questions provided us with the foundation for the next steps:.
First, we searched for subreddits that were dedicated to animation and/or motion capture. This is how we landed on the r/animation subreddit.

Second, we looked at the past content posted on this subreddit to ensure that our video was within the subreddit theme.

Third, we ensured that the subreddit rules did not prohibit our post, or if they had any guidelines, that we met them. Ultimately, the only rule was 'do not steal other people's work, and the common reddit courtesy of 10 engagement posts to every self promotional post.

Fourth and finally, knowing that our video was likely to be well received by the community, we then looked at the style of titles that the top posts of the month used.

This is because the popularity of a reddit post can sometimes be evenly split between the quality of the content and the style of the title. Though no one likes clickbait titles, some communities are less receptive to heavily in depth titles, while others prefer it.

For r/animation, we noted that all-but-one of the posts that reached over 1,000 upvotes were short, snappy, and to the point, a theme that we ultimately used in our title: "Having fun after a long Motion Capture session".