Raji: An Ancient Epic — IndieDB Players Choice Awards
«This project was already well established when we began to work with them so our major tasks were evaluation and optimization.

After looking at the extremely solid foundation that the developers had placed, we identified several key improvement points that would later help us maximize our reach and work with numerous other communities».

Tenzin Chiodak
Lead Community Manager
Though Raji: An Ancient Epic was already established on IndieDB, time constraints mean that activity on the platform was extremely low. We identified that, even with little new content, the page would get an average of 20 visitors a day - showing that the game was actively searched for.

What's more, at the end of the year, IndieDB hosts the Players Choice Awards, where the community votes for the game they like the most - with most anticipated being a category.

In order to build our chances of succeeding, a 3 part plan was put together:

  1. Activating the Existing Community
    The developers were informed of the contest and requests were made to their art team for specialized images. We then used these images to inform our communities on: Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Steam.

  2. Notifying External Communities
    We then looked for external communities that had either shown an interest in the game in the past, or worked with a theme that matched Raji - where allowed we then shared the news of the event. The core of our work took place on Reddit, as numerous subreddits have covered the game, with places such as r/IndianGaming standing out as big supporters. Special care was made to follow all rules, and common courtesy was shown by reaching out to the moderation teams informing them of our desires to post and giving them a chance to give their feedback.

  3. Creating Special Content
    This was our biggest push as we worked with the developers to create specialised articles for this event.Dev Blog articles were created, which gave us specialized content for our own IndieDB page, and that could be further shared in our own communities.The dev blogs were created by:- The developers gave us bullet points on what was important to include- We used our own expertise to expand each point and create the article- We then gave the article to the developers who added in their own notes and we edited the article were needed.- With the text ready, we identified sections that would be improved by having matching assets (images and videos).- The assets were put together using existing game footage and newly recorded (by us) footage. We then did some basic editing to create the final asset.

. Two Dev Blogs were posted: Level Design and Improving Combat.

Both of the articles were approved for the IndieDB front page and the resulting profile views were as followed:
A: Article Published
V: Video Published
Event Results

The IndieDB event was split into 2 rounds:
Round 1 to find the top 100 games - this vote ran for 4 weeks and ended on the 11th of December
Round 2 to find the final ranking of each game - this vote started on the 11th of December and ended on the 20th of December.

How did we do?
From having a page that had an average of 20 visits per day the articles helped us peak at 287.

Whats-more, even though the numbers dropped off the day after - there is a clear growth in the minimum visits from the start of December (23 views) to a new minimum on the 15th at 73 views.

In the event itself, Raji: An Ancient Epic got through round 1 and made it to the top 100, then in the second (final round) from the top 100 upcoming Indie Games, Raji An Ancient Epic reached 3rd place.