Broken Lines — IndieDB Featuring
«Writing high quality articles for projects that are on IndieDB is a powerful way to reach out to new audiences, and we are very proud to inform you that we have a wealth of experience in this area».

Tenzin Chiodak
Lead Community Manager
Our Lead Community Manager, Tenzin Chiodak, is a long time member of IndieDB and has written over 20 articles for multiple games. This experience is invaluable as IndieDB has a very high quality control split into four levels.

  • Level 1. In moderation
    All new articles need to be moderated by the IndieDB team before they are visible to anyone except for the author

  • Level 2: Declined
    If the quality is extremely poor, an article may be declined entirely. We have never had this problem before.

  • Level 3: Archived
    If an article is acceptable, but does not meet the IndieDB quality requirements for their front page, the article is set to archived. This means that you can directly link people to it, and that the article is visible from the game's page, however it will not be on the IndieDB homepage

  • Level 4: Authorized
    This is the goal for every piece written on IndieDB. By being authorized, the article will be published to the IndieDB front page and be directly visible to the community. What's more, the best games are selected to be shown on the page's carousel.

If you visit Tenzin's profile уou will be able to see the articles published for: Broken Lines, Raji: An Ancient Epic, Uncertain: Light at the End, and Hash Rush.

Focus: Broken Lines - Launch day Dev Blogs and Featuring
Broken Lines was released on the 25th of February and we used IndieDB as a powerful community to further boost awareness of the game.

The plan was simple, in the lead up to the release, several articles that went in depth into the game were created. These articles were then submitted at around midnight (CET) to IndieDB. Due to the manual nature of the validation, this meant that the articles were checked (and published to the front page) in the morning - giving up several hours of being on top of the page.

This strategy resulted in a huge increase in views on the page - leading to the peak on the 25th of February, when the game launched.
What's more, this strategy resulted in the game being noticed by IndieDB, and a subsequent feature on the pages carousel: