Raji: An Ancient Epic — Twitter
«So many underestimate Twitter as something that can be of great benefit to the project. Yes, Twitter doesn't matter in the Russian market. Unlike over-the-counter markets — it is a great tool!»

Tenzin Chiodak
Lead Community Manager
First, we actively engage (tweet to and retweet) other projects and people, in an open and friendly manner.

By doing this, we not only gave us exposure to the followers of the other projects, but we generated goodwill between us and the project.

This led to multiple mentions by the community (and the projects themselves) declaring Raji: An Ancient Epic as a Twitter account worth following - and a project worth looking into.
This resulted in a sharp increase in the followers and comments that we gained (we also directly engaged with the mention posts to show that we are always here and open.)

Second, we looked for specific trends/themes for the month and created content for that.

A good example for this was blocktober (during October 2019).
Before this tweet was made, the monthly maximum impressions would average at roughly 2,000. This meant that the 12,283 impressions was a fantastic result.

Furthermore, a knock on effect was noticed as subsequent months (after October) saw the average impressions increase to over 3,000.

Blocktober was for the entire month, so we posted a special video on that theme once per week - which gave us a lot of positive attention from both the player community and the developer community.